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Can you blame ANYONE for being gun-shy in regards to relationships these days? Yes, men are supposed to be leaders, but it's difficult to see beyond the role models in our lives. I, personally, haven't had that many men in my life whose decisions I want to mirror my own on.
I can only speak for myself (and, perhaps, a bit for my gender) but fear, sadly, plays a large role in every 'wrong' decision, relationship or otherwise. And the outward manifestation of fear looks different for each of us. I will not make excuses for men who make stupid mistakes in relationships, but there are dozens of sides to every story. Humans, and especially the different genders, tend to only see their own.
Me? I hope that God brings the woman who will be my wife into my life soon. Maybe He already has and I just haven't recognized it yet. But I also hope that that woman has an abundance of patience (and vice versa) and that my friends will keep me honest in confronting my fears.
And, until then...revel! You're right, Nicole. But perhaps, whether we're single or in a relationship, reveling is something that we should be personally reminded on from time to time by those who know us best.
I know I need a good knock on the head periodically...


It's a leap of faith, boys. You make a commitment and you hold on to each other. Together you'll climb mountains. Sometimes, you'll fall down. You'll experience joy and pleasure. Sometimes pain and despair. But that's life, right? And when you're in this kind of relationship, you'll have a partner who knows you, loves you and is committed to you -- even when you screw up.

I just celebrated 25 years of marriage. They weren't all great. A few were a struggle. But she's the love of my life, and marrying her was the smartest thing I ever did.

Don't be scared. And don't be stupid. Turn your back and she'll be gone.

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